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The most successful approach to wt.maintenance or wt.loss requires: ..substantial life style changes including: 1..increased physical activity 2..altered eating habits. ---------------------------------- Establishing healthy eating habits(benton 2004) according to the following: 1.don'punish child during meal time with regard to eating. 2..interaction during meals should be pleasant and happy. 3..do not use food as rewards. 4.. parents,siblings and peers should be moudels for healthy,tasting new foods and well balanced meals 5..children should b e exposed to a wide range of foods,tastes,and textures. 6..food should be offered multiple times. 7..offering a range of food with low energy denisity 8..restricting access to food will increase rather than decrease a child's preference for that food. 9..forcing a child to eat a certain food will decrease his or her preference to that food. 10..children to be more satiety than adults, so allow children to respond to satiety...don't force children to (clean their plates). ----------------------------------office-based management: Prevention and ttt.of overwt. And obesity should be a part of the anticipatry guidance provided during routine health supervision visits,particulary in families with children at risk for overwt.(gahagan,2011) Unfortunatly;office-based management is rarely successful? Lack of frequecy of f.up visits.